Friday , June , 13 2014
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Network Solutions

GNT Network Solutions is one of the arms of GNT Group and is one of Nigeria's leading Network Solutions Providers; providing a comprehensive range of enterprise-wide, information and communication products and services. As a partner to many leading IT corporate firms like Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems and the like, we strongly believe to take network design and implementation from the cradle to the seemingly peak of present day technology.

With an investment of Over 15 Million Naira on acquiring state of the art and modern Networking equipments (Arc Fusion Splicing Machine, Fluke Testers, OTDR with FLV, Cabling Vehicles etc) coupled with certified Network engineers and technicians, you can be sure of the best in Network Services from Us. Moreover, our highly qualified Technical Consultants are ready to give the most secured and effective network operational support on as-needed basis. Some of Our Network Solution Services are:

• Enterprise Networking

• Intelligent Building Systems (Voice, Data, Video)

• Managed Networks (LAN, WAN, VPN)

• Client/Server Solutions

• Electronic Messaging and Collaboration

• Intranet and e-Portals

• E-Security

• Implementation of VSAT

• Design, Layout & Implementation of Fiber Optics Infrastructure

• Helpdesk

• Messaging System

• Remote Support (Webex)

• Sales, Support and Services

• Broad Band internet Service/ Provision

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